Goldfinch Pottery

Our private studio is located in the heart of Lancaster County Pennsylvania and is where our skilled artisan makes our elegant pottery. Each piece is made by our artists hands thus making each piece you hold unique and a result of skill and dedication. You may notice our signature Goldfinch Yellow Glaze which is inspired by our namesake The American Goldfinch, a handsome little bird that also calls Pennsylvania home. Inspired by a love of nature, cottage home design, and a zest for history we create designs that are timeless and will last many generations. 

Our stoneware pottery is durable and designed to be used everyday. You can wash it in the dishwasher, reheat your coffee in the microwave and even, yes even bake with it in the oven! Stoneware pottery like all other pottery can still break if dropped, knocked about, or if it experiences temperature shock.


Meet the Artist and Owner

Leah's passion for making functional pottery and her desire to be close to her family inspired her to start Goldfinch Pottery. What drives her passion for pottery is the way it connects the maker with the modern-day user and past makers, bridging the connections through pottery between the present, past, and future. Leah discovered pottery in high school and continued her education at Millersville University, where she studied abroad for a semester at sea and gained a love for discovering historical pots. After working as a production potter and teaching pottery workshops and classes, Leah's creative enthusiasm for her craft led her to start Goldfinch Pottery.

Her favorite mug for tea

A little bird said "these are the most beautiful pots in all the land" - the little bird