Shop Policies and Pottery Care

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My item was damaged during shipping:

If your pottery is damaged during shipping you should notify Goldfinch pottery within 7 days of the delivery date. You will need to provide your name, shipping id, and photos of the damaged items. These are required for us to assist you with a refund or exchange. Damaged items will not be taken into consideration for refund or exchange after 7 days from the delivery date.

I would like to return or Exchange my item:

If you would like to Return or Exchange your pottery, please contact us within 7 days. We will gladly assist you with an exchange or provide store credit for a return with proof of purchase. The returned items must be in new/original condition. Once received at the studio the returned items will be reviewed and the store credit or exchanged item will be issued. (If the items come with signs of wear or are damaged they will not be accepted.) Other restrictions may apply. 

*This policy does not apply to second items. Seconds are final sale items and will not be accepted for returns or exchanges*

What if my return/exhange breaks during shipping?

Goldfinch Pottery is not responsible for any damage that occurs when shipping items back for returns or exchanges. It is highly advisable that customers pack pottery well and ship via a trackable carrier. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

How long will it take to receive my new pottery?

Once we receive your order it will be packed and shipped within 2-3 business days. All pottery items are shipped through UPS or USPS. Once out of our hands, time will depend on the mailing system, which should be about 3-4 business days. 

At the moment we are unable to offer international shipping. 

If you need expedited shipping please contact us directly for a quote before purchase.


All Seconds are final sale items. They are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

What makes a piece of pottery a second?

Seconds are items that Goldfinch Pottery has deemed not first quality. They are still fully functional and lovely pots. They may have one or a range of differences that qualifies them as a second item including but not limited to shape, size, research and design, glaze discrepancies, and others. 

Under no circumstances are Seconds exchangeable or refundable.

How do I care for my pottery?

All of our stoneware pottery is oven, dishwasher and microwave safe. 

To help your pottery last a long time …

Use dish soap and a light scrub brush or sponge

Avoid direct contact of bare pottery (unglazed areas) with oil, or grease to prevent permanent stains on your pottery. 

Don’t Subject Pottery to Sudden Temperature Changes or Direct Heat Sources 

-Don’t leave planters or pottery out in freezing temperatures

-Pottery will break if transferred directly from the freezer to a hot oven, so allow for a gradual change in temperature 

-Always preheat your oven before placing your pottery inside it. While the pottery can withstand temperatures typically used in baking, it can break when exposed to the direct heat element while the oven is preheating. 

-Do not use Goldfinch Pottery over an open stovetop (open flame, electric burner), under the broiler, in a toaster oven, or on a barbecue grill. This type of usage exposes your pottery to potentially damaging direct heat sources. 

Other Safety and Care information:

-All of our glazes are Lead Free 

-Avoid placing hot pottery items directly on countertops or wet, cool, or metal surfaces, Place them on ceramic or wool trivets or cooling racks 

-Protect your hands from burning. Pottery may be extremely hot when removed from ovens, dishwashers, or microwaves. Use protective pot-holders to handle heated pottery—don’t ever touch the hot pottery with your bare hands, or allow it to come in contact with your body. Keep hot pottery out of children’s, or pets' reach.

Your pottery and any pottery for that matter can break if your pottery is dropped, knocked against a hard surface or struck with a hard utensil- so handle your pottery with care. 

-If your pottery does chip or crack, do not continue to use it. 

-If your pottery does fully break, use thick gloves and caution to clean up the broken shards as pieces can be extremely sharp and be widely spread from the point of breakage.