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Goldfinch Pottery

Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and Pestle

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Process your own dried spices with this beautiful handcrafted stoneware mortar and pestle. Perfect for any naturalist looking to add a touch of rustic charm to their kitchen and effortlessly prepare home-grown herbs for cooking. Our Mortar and Pestles are handcrafted with traditional pottery techniques and are made from a high-fire stoneware. Infuse your kitchen with the natural beauty of handcrafted stoneware and feel pride in every meal you make. With this classic mortar and pestle, you'll take cooking to a whole new level - no matter if you're a budding naturalist or a professional chef! Add a touch of rustic charm and savor the flavor of freshly ground herbs and spices. 


Height: 3"

Width: 4 7/8"


Height: 3 7/8"

Width: 1 3/4"

"Although the Mortar and Pestles all look the same from a distance, once you get up close you can see the variations and how beautifully unique each one truly is... it really makes each piece a treasure!"

- Leah Morse, founder and potter

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