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Goldfinch Pottery

Second - Lancaster Pitcher

Second - Lancaster Pitcher

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All seconds are Final Sale items.

Every pottery piece that is made at Goldfinch pottery is handcrafted and unique. Second pottery pieces are items that vary a bit more. They may be shorter, taller, wider, have a different shape or have small glaze discrepancies. These differences are what makes them even more unique, however the differences do not affect the quality or functionality of the item. Those differences just make them more lovable if you are drawn to the beauty of imperfection. 

Introducing the Lancaster Pitcher, an exquisite addition to your kitchen crafted with the utmost of care. Handcrafted in Lancaster, its timeless design ensures an elegant presence in any home. Rich in craftsmanship, The Lancaster Pitcher not only brings luxury to your beverage service but also creates a captivating display for your favorite flowers. Make every pour a special occasion.

Medium Lancaster Pitcher:

Height: 6 1/4"

Width: 6"

Rim Diameter: 3 5/8"

"Although the Lancaster Pitchers all look the same from a distance, once you get up close you can see the variations and how beautifully unique each one truly is... it really makes each piece a treasure!"

- Leah Morse, founder and potter

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