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Goldfinch Pottery

Lavender House Ornament

Lavender House Ornament

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Introducing our exquisite Lavender House Ornaments, handcrafted with love and care using our premium stoneware clay. Each ornament features a unique impression of gathered lavender from our very own garden, adding a homespun touch that symbolizes elegance and calm. The lavender plant has long been known for its ability to fill a room with a pleasant aroma and a sense of serenity, making these ornaments the perfect addition to any home. What's more, each and every ornament is thoughtfully made by our skilled artisan in Lancaster, PA, ensuring that every piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Elevate your home decor with our Lavender House Ornaments today!

Height: 4 1/8"

Width: 3 1/8"

"Although the Lavender Ornaments all look the same from a distance, once you get up close you can see the variations and how beautifully unique each one truly is... it really makes each piece a treasure!"

- Leah Morse, founder and potter

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